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Retrieving Qwilr Data From API



Hopefully someone can help here. Our campany has integrated with Qwilr to generate proposals for our business. As part of our process, we are hoping to retrieve the Qwilr ID and Status given a deal or contact ID. 


I've browed the API documents at length and have a working API integration for other objects such as deals etc, but I can't seem to get a positive result with Qwilr. 


Any help or even a starting point would be very helpful. 



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Retrieving Qwilr Data From API

Hey, @CBell04 👋 Thanks for the interesting question. I have questions as well 😊

  • If we are looking at the Contacts object, does Qwilr create its own set of custom properties? Such as Qwilr ID and Status?
  • Is so, can you grab a screenshot similar to this one?

  • In relation to Contacts, which endpoint are you using for your request?
  • Can you share an example request and response (minus your API key or private app token) you are making for a Contact? 

Thank you! 



Jaycee Lewis

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Retrieving Qwilr Data From API

Thanks Jaycee_Lewis for the reply,


I've had another look at all of contacts, companies and deals properties returned in the payload and I can't find anything related. I've tried using both the v1 and v3 versions of each endpoint. Here is an example, pulling all of the properties for contacts object and then calling the contacts enpoint to pull the properties for that contact.

# URL For Properties
url = 'https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/properties/contacts?hapikey=' + str(hToken)
# Convert properties into comma delimated list
properties = requests.get(url).json()["results"]
for pp in properties:
p = str(p) + str(pp['name']) + ","
# Remove last comma
# Call Contacts EP
url = 'https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts/1815451?properties='+p+'&hapikey=' + str(hToken)


If I look in the Chrome Dev Tools, I can pull out the call and data I want when looking at the associated deal.



With payload


objectTypeId: 242
associatedObjectId: 9463786106
associatedObjectType: DEAL
portalId: 8818365
clienttimeout: 14000
hs_static_app: crm-records-ui
hs_static_app_version: 1.26557


Which returns the response


{settingsAction: null, primaryAction: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…},…}
allItemsLink: null
findAlerts: ["CONFUSED_TYPE"]
itemLabel: null
primaryAction: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…}
height: 748
label: "Create Qwilr"
type: "IFRAME"
uri: "https://app.qwilr.com/#/hubspot/new/?parentId=9463786106&parentType=DEAL&loginType=hubspot"
width: 890
results: [{objectId: 0,…}]
0: {objectId: 0,…}
actions: [{type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…}, {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…},…]
0: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…}
height: 748
label: "Preview"
type: "IFRAME"
uri: "https://app.qwilr.com/#/hubspot/preview/62ce6d70f381530007185515?loginType=hubspot"
width: 890
1: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…}
2: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…}
link: "https://stafflink.qwilr.com/axP7Ow1jQlul"
objectId: 0
properties: [{dataType: "STATUS", optionType: "SUCCESS", label: "Status", value: "Accepted", alert: null},…]
sections: null
title: "PM / Client Success Management Proposal"
secondaryActions: [{type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…},…]
0: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748,…}
1: {type: "IFRAME", width: 890, height: 748, uri: "https://pages.qwilr.com/SztHIQBpTgMg",…}
sections: null
settingsAction: null
totalCount: 0


Which would give me 


uri: "https://app.qwilr.com/#/hubspot/preview/62ce6d70f381530007185515?loginType=hubspot"


Which is what I'm after, but I can't seem to figure out a way to obtain this particular object type.