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Retrieve deal properties through contact enrollment trigger

Currently the only way to use a workflow extension is through a contact enrollment trigger. I would like to retrieve the contact and deal information when a Deal stage is Closed won. The issue is that when I create my workflow extension definition I can only use "Contact Tokens". Is there some way to get the information about the Deal that transitioned to the Closed won stage. For example, the Deal name, Deal company, ect. ?

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Retrieve deal properties through contact enrollment trigger

Hey @EvanGertis,


One workaround that I can think of, is to set up two workflows: one deal-based and one contact-based. 


On the deal-based workflow, set the action to copy the deal property to a custom contact property. Something like this: 


Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 12.04.45 PM.png


On the contact-based workflow, you can set the enrollment trigger to be: if custom property is known > enroll contact > add workflow extension > set the contact token as the custom property (which should now be the deal name).


Hope this helps!