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Retrieve all Contacts relating to a Campaign

We are a Consultancy firm and we have been tasked to implement a sync between Salesforce and Hubspot with Campaigns. We have a middleware (MuleSoft), but from reading the documentation for HubSpot API, it seems that it is not possible to retrieve all Contacts relating to a specific Campaign.


Is there a way to achieve this Out of the Box? The only other way I can see this maybe working is using lists, but not sure how effective this can be.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Retrieve all Contacts relating to a Campaign

Hi @FGilbert0,

Thank you for asking the Community!

I have checked for you and I can see that this feature is currently in planning with our Product Team!

There should be a Beta around end of June for this 🙂

Here is the similar idea already present in our Ideas Forum: Complete Hubspot Campaigns API.

To contribute, you can upvote the existing idea and share more details about your specific use case in the comments.

Also, on the Idea thread, you'll be able to book a meeting with our Product Team to discuss this further!

Thank you and have a lovely day!


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