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I am creating Call with help of Engagement API relates with Contact Successfully.
But when i go to SALES->Tasks to check the all calls i didnt find it.

Can anybody help me where to check the Call Log?

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Hi @techextension,


I hope all is well with you 😄


Are you looking to create a Task with the taskType: CALL in your portal 6008893? When looking at the portal, I wasn't able to locate any task associated with contact. Though, I did see a "abc" task but it wasn't associated with any records. In this case, do you mind pointing me to the contact with the associated tasks but you couldn't locate it under Sales > Tasks?


That said, when looking to create a TASK with the taskType call using the Create an Engagement API, you can use the following POST body:

    "engagement": {
        "active": true,
        "ownerId": {{ownerId}},
        "type": "TASK",
        "timestamp": 1409172644778
    "associations": {
        "contactIds": [{{contactId}}],
        "companyIds": [ ],
        "dealIds": [ ],
        "ownerIds": [ ]
"metadata": {
    "body": "This is the body of the task.2",
    "subject": "Task title",
    "status": "NOT_STARTED",
    "taskType": "CALL",
    "forObjectType": "CONTACT"

where you can include the taskTypeproperty under themetadataproperty. Once created, I would expect the task to show up under Sales > Tasks and the contact record > Tasks tab.


I hope this helps to clarify!