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Read file attached to deal

Hi guys,

I'm trying to read a file attached to a deal but I'm not being successful.

The API call I'm using is a get to:


But it returns just the notes ID, not the uploaded file ID.


In some posts I've read things about the file (when uploaded via UI) being hidden=true by default and the only solution to this was using an old HS interface.


I need to read a .csv file uploaded and attached to a deal via UI, is that possible?

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Community Manager

Read file attached to deal

Hey, Pedro! Thanks for reaching out. Did you get this worked out? If not, I followed the breadcrumbs and found at least one solution. 


Resources I used:


My steps:

  • Created a new deal + added a CSV as an attachment to the deal via the UI 
  • Used the Associations endpoint to find the engagement IDs 
  • Used the Engagement endpoint to find the ID with a value for “attachments”
  • Used the Get signed URL endpoint and the attachment ID to get a URL
  • Used the URL to download the CSV


  1. getEng.png
  2. getAsn.png


  3. CleanShot 2022-11-14 at 15.57.30.png

Successful download



There isn't another all-in-one solution for this request. I agree, that would be a much more elegant and easier to deal with.


Have fun building! — Jaycee


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