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Query HubDB for Video Tags

Here’s my high-level goal:

I’d like to be able to query a HubDB table for videos with certain tags, based on tags that we enter into a custom module.

The setup:

Let’s say I have a table that looks like:

My custom module has a text input. If I input “Sales; Marketing” I should return both rows. If I input “Support” I should only return the first row.

I’m able to turn the inputted string into a list such as [Sales, Marketing] and I can do the same for my table rows (so I get [Marketing, Support] and [Sales]).

I am hoping to then be able to take the intersection of my inputted list and my video tag list, and if the length of that list is > 0, then I show the video.

How I was hoping to do it:

In jinja, I would do this by a conditional statement that looks like this:

{% if (video_tag_list|intersect(inputted_tag_list))|length > 0 %}

Based on HubSpot’s list of supported HubL filters, it does not appear that the classic jinja “intersect” filter is supported.

Does anyone have ideas of other ways to do this?


Query HubDB for Video Tags

Hi there,

It looks like you could use a multiselect column type for your tags. Then you could use a contains filter to match rows that contains at least one of the tags.

An intersect filter would help, but it looks like that’s a filter proprietary to SaltStack’s Jinja and not part of the core project. In any case, the query filter is faster.

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