Quarterly activity via API


We use Databox as our dashboard platform since you can't share a Hubspot dashboard to a TV using a public link. Unfortunately, the API from Hubspot appears to limit the data range for activities to as far back as last month even though this data is clearly available within the Hubspot platform itself (at least that's what Databox tells me is the limiting factor).

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Hi, @nick-gat.


To clarify, are you looking to retrieve HubSpot sales activities like one-to-one emails, tasks, meetings, and calls?


If so, these HubSpot "engagements" are surfaced via the Engagements API.


It sounds like Databox is using the Get recent engagements endpoint, which only returns up to 10K engagements from the past 30 days.


As mentioned in the documentation, however, any integration can retrieve all engagements through this endpoint.


Please let me know if I've misunderstood your issue or Databox's claim.

Isaac Takushi

HubSpot Developer Support
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