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I am/have built a site that is a marketplace for outdoor activists to search, book and pay for outdoor adventures and excursions etc.  We are using a SaaS backend platform but it is not ideal for creating a listing page with description, photos etc. and so I am wondering if it is possible to;

1) build a form/catalogue type template that allows a user to fill out (behind an account login) description of their services and add photos etc. and then publish it (paste formatted html) withing the description part of the saas platform and then it will display within the parameters of the description area on the listing page.

2) Ensure that the assets reside in a local library so that we can post the image without using image address from an external site.

3) Would be nice to easily access the page if need to edit etc.


Hope this explaination is easy enough to understand ?

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Welcome, @murraybs.


Your site sounds awesome!


That said, HubSpot may not be the best fit for that use case.


HubSpot is certainly capable of publishing dynamic listing pages with the CMS Page Publishing API and HubDB, and can even host assets in your account's file manager, but you'd have to build out the GUI and account login for your clients yourself externally.


Please let me know if I've misunderstood your goal.

Isaac Takushi

HubSpot Developer Support