Previously integrated portals can't see/use our HubSpot Workflow Extensions



I already have three extensions working in a couple of portals, but I wanted to enable those extensions for previous portals that already integrated with my application and apparently, they're not seeing those extensions.

I checked your documentation to make sure I didn't miss something but based on the documentation it should be enabled as long as they have the integration installed on the portal that has workflows enabled.

Am I missing something? or should we give you a list of the previously integrated portal to whitelist them so they can see those items?

Thanks beforehand for all your help!

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Hi Daniel, thanks for bringing this up. You’re correct that right now each portal ID has to be opted-in to the new extensions. This is a shared opt-in for all extensions, not specific to individual apps/extensions.

Note that we are soon changing this as it was not intended as a real access mechanism, just as a temporary measure during our beta rollout. Apologies for any miscommunication about this.

Moving forward, we want to emphasize that the best way to keep Workflow extensions that are under development from being immediately visible to end users is to build them first associated with a private test application, and install that application into a test portal of your own. When it looks good, then recreate the finished definition under your production application ID. I know some folks are already taking this strategy.

We’ll likely make an announcement in this forum when the portal opt-in process is removed and everyone with the integration installed will automatically have access. Until then, I’ll send you a private message about opting in the portals you want.


Hi Skyler

Awesome, I'll wait for news on that change to allow our customers to use the extensions easier.

And thanks for the approach on development, we will start using it now for our upcoming extensions.

Thank you!