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Hubspot Chatflow widget bubble is main problem when it comes to page speed on our page

List of problems

  1. Reduce JavaScript execution time 
    1. -- /584311.js -
    2.  …bundles/head-raven.js (
  2. Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy
    1.  /584311.js (
    2.  …157…/584311.js (
  3.  Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
    1.  …fonts/spacesword-low.woff2 (
  4.  Remove unused CSS
    1.  …sass/visitor.css (


So summarise your widtget fails on every aspect in terms of performance

Are there any plans for improve performance of your product?

Are there any solutions for it at this moment?

Maybe there is standalone package of chatflow which we can bundle into our js/css inside project? 

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Hey @Szymon-dziewons ,


Thanks for posting these results! HubSpot is always working to improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency of our tools; to that end, I'm happy to bring these results to the attention of my team.


One important thing to keep in mind when using external page speed tools is that they typically use bots and automated measures to evaluate a site and assign a score or grade. While this can often provide valuable insights and recommendations, optomizing purely to improve a specific measurement isn't always the best thing for your site's overall user experience.


For example: The scripts you linked under point 2 (Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy) are HubSpot analytics scripts that dictate the behavior of a number of differet tools and features, including tracking and cookie policy settings. While HubSpot assets are generally served with a longer cache time, the analytics scripts are intentionally set to have shorter cache times in order to properly execute their functions. Changes to things like privacy policy banners and cookie tracking behavior are, for compliance reasons, especially critical to be shown in a timely manner.


Similarly, the scripts listed under point 1 related to HubSpot's live chat functionality. While the team puts a lot of emphasis on speed and efficiency, providing a fully featured chat functionality requires JavaScript. Reducing the amount of JavaScript on your page will almost always improve page speed; it's important to weigh the costs (Increased JavaScript execution time) and the benefits (Chat functionality) when considering your site's overall visitor experience.


For more information on the things HubSpot does to optomize page speed, please check out the following HubSpot CMS Blog post:

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Thank you for reply @Derek_Gervais .


I would strongly disagree with your first statement, tools like google insight speed are tools to show us hints, roadmap what we can do to improve our page speed, which is going to lead to faster page and therefore less bounce rate on SEO. 

Google itself I guess knows how to meause page speed expecially for their search engine - which happens to be GOOGLE. Also they announced recently that page speed score will be -/+ take in consideration by SEO crawlers. 


Moving to next paragraph - setting longer period cache for asset files is always good solutions, which Hubspot happens to miss. Even though analitycs scripts need to be fresh you could provide mechanism to invalidare cache for scripts like that.


And the last but not least - I built big SPA websites and your statement is totally incorrect. Building one big not optimised file which overload CPU and MEMORY which leads to long execution time is just bad practise, nothing more. And again you seem to not see problem, there are some solutions like splitting code to smaller parts and lazy load them by modules or components, so lets say the core and smallest component like chatflow bubble would be loaded at start and later on other components would loaded at use time. Second solution would provide package for user bundle possibility, so the user would chose how and when to load certain script, or course with component way.


Additionally you skipped:

- unused css , why load at start whole css which is unused by html you provide? 

- font loading - there is something like display attribute which you can use or lazy load via javascript fonts


So summarise - you won't see a problem and there is no solution for those problems.

I've seen other chatflows and they are build much better - code wise. 

Such a shame you prefer to write nice words covering up there is no problem, where it is - I've seen tons of post with same issue over and over.


Overall you have no idea what you are talking about - sending link to optimisation for The HubSpot CMS which is first words of this article. It is no the same as chatflow widget.