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Parsing Email Body (Workflow)

I'm trying to build a workflow around the idea of having a set contact receive emails and on receipt of said email parse the body using regex to find identifing contact property to then update a Lifecycle Status.

The use case for this is i use a financing company for my companys products they dont have a traditional API, however they send automated formatted emails with the contacts Credit Applcation and the Status (Approved,Denied,Incomplete) in the subject line.

What i have now is a workflow that reads then subject line of a set contact and a custom code module to on main(event) read in data. As of now and looking though hubspot's docs i cant find the property that would allow me to read the body of said email.

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Parsing Email Body (Workflow)

I'm also trying to grab the email body in a workflow. Simple use-case, I want to push any email coming into the support pipeline (which is plugged into conversation inbox ticketing system) to update a dedicated #support slack channel, so that it's easier to communicate with second tier support that aren't on hubspot directly from Slack.

I saw in the new Beta API that it appears possible to grab messages there, but I don't see a way to do this built-in?


EDIT to add: Actually, how are you even parsing subject line? I don't see that property anywhere either.

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Parsing Email Body (Workflow)

Hi, @Appleseed 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Let's see if the community has any thoughts or experience — hey @LMeert @tominal @JBeatty, have you ever tackled anything like this?


Thank you very much! — Jaycee


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