Paid search and Other campaings wrong original source when hubspot cookie doesn't exists


Hello! I'm having some trouble regarding original source.


We did the tracking code integration and we send the hubspot cookie to a form submit via an endpoint, because out forms are nonhubspotforms. We pass the cookie so that way hubspot can create contacts with their original source.

The problem is that, when I delete my hubspot cookie, click an ad, and then register, the original source is wrong.


If I delete the cookie and click a google ad, I get organic search.


If I delete the cookie and click a fb ad, I get organic social.


If I don't delete my hubspot cookie, I get paid search for google and other campaings from facebook.


It worries me because if a contact never had visited our website before they will not have a hubspot cookie, and it will be created after they click the ad, and it will get the wrong original source.

This are the URLs from the ads:






Contact testing:


fb ad without deleting cookie:


fb ad deleting cookie:


google ad deleting cookie:


google ad without deleting cookie:


And it's weird because with the google ad, ok we get organic seach after deleting the cookie, but you can clearly see on the Ads activity that the user did click a paid ad.


Does someone knows why this could be happening and how can we fix it to get the right original source always?

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Hi @aaldana 


As far as I know the source data is made up of more than just Cookie information e.g. your IP Address will be a factor for Adwords, Facebook and HubSpot.


However, that doesn't explain the random source attribution.


Have you looked at other attribution models? For example "First interaction: the customer's first interaction recorded in HubSpot. This is usually their first visit to your website".

Here's a good doc on Create multi-touch revenue attribution reports 


And, do you use Google Analytics in addition to HubSpot Analytics?




Yeah. I have to try it all deleting the cookie thought. Direc traffic works, email marketing too, organic search and paid search, I think the problem is mostly with original sources that use ads like paid search and other campaigns... We do use analytics.


It's so weird that the first page seen to users when they delete their cookie is the website url with no utm params. 😕