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PUT call via Powerquery

Hello All, 


Hope you are well, 


I was wondering if anybody can lend a hand here?


I have successfully used both GET and POST Hubspot APIs with a few tweaks in the M language via power query (Excel) 


So far I have used several GET calls to the HubSpot API to retrieve data then by using this data I have been able to create notes and send via the POST method. 


The issue is as far as I can see, in order to create a note and associate the note to a contact/company you need to do so in two stages. 


Firstly by creating the note via a POST API but at that point it has just created a note that isn't associated with anything (in the nether zone). What you then need to do is use a PUT call in by using the company/contacts id to associate. 


The following link works perfectly using Postman but can not for the life of me find a way to use a PUT call using Powerquery. Does anybody have any info on this?


https://api.hubapi.com/engagements/v1/engagements/{NOTE ID}/associations/company/{{Company ID}?hapikey=XXXX


Any help at all will be really appreciated 


Thanks in advance 



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Community Manager

PUT call via Powerquery


Powerquery is out of my wheelhouse, but if you cannot find an answer to how to do a put request, you could instead do a post request using the newer associations API

Looks specifically at the "make a batch of associations" endpoint



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