POST newly created Contact to external 3rd party URL




I want to post the newly created HubSpot Contact to external webhook URL. Please help me out how to do with either zapier or workflow.

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HubSpot Employee

Welcome, @abdulbasit.


In an account with a Marketing Hub Enterprise subscription, you can follow these instructions to POST contact data to external webhook URLs via workflows.


In Zapier, add the HubSpot app as the trigger and select the trigger event New Contact.


HubSpot Trigger.png

Then, add the Webhooks by Zapier app as an action, select POST as the action event, and fill out the rest of your request following Zapier's documentation.


Webhooks by Zapier Action.png


A third option is HubSpot's Webhooks API. I allows you to define a webhook URL and subscribe to events like contact creations in HubSpot accounts where your OAuth app is installed. When the event occurs, HubSpot will notify your webhook service via a POST request.

Isaac Takushi

Alumnus, HubSpot Developer Support