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Own authentication with OIDC/OAuth2

We want to make certain pages private for our customers. Other pages will be publicly available. For the private pages, we must use our own authentication (OIDC/OAuth2)
This is critical for our functionality.

My questions:
- Is this the right place to set up SSO for third-party authentication? (Settings, Tools, Website, Private Content, Single sign-on (SSO))

- Is JWT/SAML the only options we have, are there any add-ons or plugins we can install for more options?

- Are there any examples on OIDC/OAuth2 authentication we can look at?



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Community Manager

Own authentication with OIDC/OAuth2

Hey, @geldcharm 👋 I did a bit of digging on your main question. Here is the answer I received — our current functionality with JWT for SSO does not support OpenID Connect + OAuth2.

This explains why it is not documented here as an option —  Set up single sign-on (SSO) to access private content.`


Looking at your additional questions:

  • Yes
  • No additional documented options
  • No for OIDC/OAuth2 authentication. In this case, the documentation states, “The steps and fields required to add a new application in your identity provider may vary. General instructions for setting up SSO for private content are outlined below.” It's not my favourite answer to deliver, and it is in the knowledge base article for this feature, which is our source of truth here. 





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