Outlook integration Issues - Please help


Ok I am new to Hubspot.

I am using a MacBook Air with Office 365 installed.  I am using Office 365 Application installed on my computer and the Mobile App on my Samsung Phone.


I ma trying to connect my calendar in office 365 with Hubspot.  


My computer is a personal computer and I have had Office 365 for years now.  My office 365 account is registered to me personally and I used my Gmail address to register initially years ago.  


After starting this new position, I installed MS Office 365 on my new MacBook Air and then set up an email account using my work email address.  MS Office 365 email functions perfectly.  


My problem is, I am trying to get Hubspot to communicate with my calendar so I can view meetings that are already scheduled.  (Not Video meetings but actual in the client office personal meetings.) 


In trying to go thru the process of doing the outlook intergration, it took me to the Microsoft log in screen and promted me for my email which I initially entered in as my gmail as that was the one linked to the MS Office site and my work email would not work.  Then, I got support involved and they suggested, I change my email to the same as my work email, so I added my work email in my MS office 365 profile and made it the primary.  When I tryied the integration process again, it seemed to log me in now.   However, the email address identified is a string of numbers and letters @outlook.com.    


After several hours of working with 2 different support staff i stll can not connect with my calendar.  The support personel suggested I post here. 


Can anyone help me please?


Thanks for your help and time,



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HubSpot Employee

Hi @PixelImaging,


I hope all is well with you and welcome to HubSpot! 😄


When looking into your portal 5543362, I can see that you have a connected office 365 calendar and the connected email address is a string of numbers and letters @outlook.com.


When digging into this, I'm also able to confirm that this is actually a bug with Outlook and we recommend sharing this article with your IT team: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/outlook-com-email-account-appears-as-outlook-long-series-of....


I hope this helps to further clarify things!