Our First Virtual HubSpot Developer AMA is this Friday!

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Join us this Friday, October 26th at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5pm UK for an overview of the latest developer releases and an AMA with members of our product and engineering teams who will be available to answer any of your questions!

Register --> https://developers.hubspot.com/developer-ama

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Community Manager

Thank you to everyone who joined the AMA on Friday! As promised, we wanted to share some of the resources mentioned during the session. You can vote for what you want to see teams build by going to our idea forums or continue the conversation with us in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our API Changelog.

Below is a recap of the information we provided during the AMA. We would love to know if you found this helpful. If so, should we do this again and how often? Every quarter? Once a month? Comment below!

  • OAuth Resources:
  • Blog listing modules:
  • Accessibility features for the forms tool:
  • Roadmap plans and API updates:
  • Webhooks and Workflows:
  • Are they any plans to allow modules to directly modify HubDB?
    • There are no specific plans on the immediate horizon, however, the CRM team is open to ideas. Suggest or vote in our ideas forum!
  • Are there any plans for a new UI for HubDB?
    • There are no concrete plans at the moment for new features, but the team is definitely open to your feedback. They would specifically love to hear about wishlist items. Add them to the ideas forum!
  • Will we allow form integration via the API to populate website content?
    • For embedding a form in an SPA (single page app), just call the hbspt.forms.create() function and make sure to include the target attribute (docs)
    • For custom forms sending data to HubSpot, use the new endpoint that supports AJAX (docs)
  • Will developers have the ability to edit menu markup?
    • No specific info available yet. Please push issue in Dev/Design Slack since lots of folks would love to see this.
  • What exactly is the plan to cut-off the embed forms using iframe vs the js embed?
    • Forms from Marketing Free and Starter accounts will be embedded using an iframe. Forms for Marketing Professional and Enterprise accounts will be embedded directly.
  • How is HubSpot addressing the need for better CMS Developer Documentation?
    • We’re aware of the gaps. We’re planning to devote some resources to this in 2019. Sign up for the changelog and stay tuned for updated!
  • Some of our most frequently asked questions are around form submissions and getting a webhook response on the form submission. Some quick thoughts:
    • It’s not currently possible to get a form’s submission history via the API. This is something the team is open to, it’s just not something that exists today. It is currently possible to pull a contact’s form submission history via the Contacts API. Form submission webhooks: Not directly possible, also something the team is open to. Workaround here (for portals with workflows) is to create a workflow that enrolls based on a form’s submission and trigger a webhook (using either workflow webhook action or workflow extensions).
    • https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/forms/forms_overview
  • Adding custom functionality to forms
  • How can i use ecommerce bridge submitted products, last order products( associated deal items ) in the email templates or blog landing pages?
    • There isn’t a way to do it in a custom way, it’s possible if you use the Abandoned Cart email templates (but the custom module only works for that specific email template). We’re focusing on the email templates right now (eventually will move over to the CMS).
  • I wish there was an API endpoint that lets you search for companies by name. Is there a workaround to accomplish this?
    • The CRM team is definitely looking into this, though it is not currently possible. Vote or add your ideas here.
  • Regarding CMS Developer documentation
  • Exporting the contact timeline
    • Currently not possible at this time
  • How can devs Search objects by custom properties?
    • This is not currently possible in this way, but you could add searchability to properties in the UI for users, With regards to finding records programmatically, we would recommend looking at our webhooks (or workflows) to get notified when the get property is updated
  • For a B2B SaaS platform, where there are many contacts on one deal/company, yet sometimes there can be 10 different buyers with different account reps all within the same company, how do you structure this?
    • You can have multiple deals, one for each sales process within each buyer and maintain process there, or you could work on the specific contact record or allow everyone to work out of the Company record. You could also use Team permissions to help.
  • Other resources shared: