Our 1st Annual Global Developer Survey is here! Help us build a world class developer platform and give back

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Hi! I'm if we haven't met here in the forums yet, I'm Elizabeth Ruscitto, our new Director of Developer Relations. Our team is focused on improving our overall developer experience and we need your input to do it. Please take some time to fill out our first annual developer survey.


Knowing your goals and what you need to achieve them gives us clear direction on what to build and how to help. Whether you're an independent developer building HubSpot CMS templates, an Agency or Connect Partner, or on the product team at one of our customers, this survey is for you! That means we're going to ask you A LOT of questions (the survey itself may take ~ 30 minutes).

Why? Because we want to know how we can make every area of our product, programs, and tools better for developers. We will be reading every comment and sharing the data with every team across HubSpot. Every single response will have a real and direct impact on our roadmap in 2019 and the more data we receive, the more we understand how to build for YOU.


If you know other HubSpot developers -- please share this with your networks, co-workers, and communities. We want to hear from as many of you as possible!

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