Original source tracking with Hubspot API

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Our website is hosted with Hubspot, as well as nearly all of our key landing pages (demo, contact, content)

One page that isn't hosted on Hubspot is our free trial.  It is hosted on subdomain.domain.com.  We have installed the tracking code on this subdomain and I've verified that it works. 


However, we seem to be limited in lead source attribution. Particularly, Original source and the corresponding drill downs (Original Source 1,2) are not being tracked or populated as they do when we use a Hubspot form on a hubspot landing page.  No matter how someone signs up for a free trial (direct traffic, paid social, etc), Hubspot is just labeling the Original Source as "Offline Sources" and Original Source Drill Down 1 as "API".  


Any suggestion on what we can do to close the gap and preserve the same detail of lead attribution as if we were using a Hubspot landing page? 

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I'm also interested to hear about possible solutions for this!