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Obtaining Revenue Attribution reports with API

Good day,


Is there a way to obtian Revenue Attribution data with the api?


I'm trying to get information on contact interactions with a deal (channel, interaction, etc.) and vice versa (from deal, who interacted with it). This is all in the goal of re-creating revenue attribution dashboards in our own ecosystem to show them to our team.


Is there an easy way to get this information?



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Obtaining Revenue Attribution reports with API

Thanks for the mention @dennisedson


Hey @SBurwash regarding your question we have an old solution that works really well in order to set contact data on a deal. I say that is old because we're now implementing association labels to improve that structure that and some errors when a contact was associated with multiple deals, if you don't have any case like that is not a problem. 


It's quite simple, you should create a checkbox property called "Main Contact" where your sales development team should select as "yes" before creating a deal. Our criteria is that a main contact is the person who opened doors to us (asked a demo) and not the person with more authority or even the first contact created.


Than you should create a workflow with all the properties you want to pass to a deal (ofc you should create those properties on the deal side)
i.e: Create Date, MQL Date, SQL Date, Acquisition Channel, Conversion Channel, Conversion Path (which requests the prospect made: demo, content x, content y, advisory call, ...), (...)

On the workflow you should select "OR" options to each one of those properties and add as re-enrollment rule like these:




That way your deal will be updated everytime your contact have new data on those properties 🙂 


I hope it helps! If you want to learn more about custom attribution I'm building a guide with tons of tips:


Obtaining Revenue Attribution reports with API

Hey @jforte, thanks for the reply!

(Sorry if I'm missunderstanding, hubspot is not my forte)

I'm not trying to get an association between deals and contacts per-se (and sadly, we don't currently have time to introduce a new workflow to sales), but rather gain access to data that would look like a revenue attribution report (if needed, I can provide a picture)

The goal here is to create a dashboard where we filter average contact value by:
- channel of acquisition

- Campaign

- Contact origin


Does this make any sense?


Obtaining Revenue Attribution reports with API

Basically, from what I understand, here is the link between campaigns/channels and deals:
Deals -> Assets (through revenue attribution touchpoints)
Assets -> Campaigns (direct link)
Would there be a way to therefore get the revenue attribution touchpoint data, or some equivalent bridge?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Obtaining Revenue Attribution reports with API

@jforte , @Bryantworks , @rygap_hs 

Any of you able to assist with this question?

Also, just saw this B2B attribution post from @jforte  which is pretty darn awesome!