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OAuth 2.0 Domo - Hubspot Analytics Error

Hubspot Developers!

Need some help figuring out an OAuth 2.0 error sending Hubspot Analytics Data through API to Domo. The connector is active, and has been reset multiple times and still throwing the error.

This is the error that is thrown:

Domo is ready, but the data provider reported: This oauth-token (CMz0x47tLBICDwMY7bPSASCr5q0CKPWmAzIZACsC_POBZK34n_uDQwArMt749EAmnj1KOjoOAHsjQf8HDIADAPj_gH9CGQArAvzz6Fmen8r6EorgGSF3nWggKPuprWI) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [traffic-analytics-api-access])

All of the other data sets (Companies, Forms, Contacts) work just fine sending data over to Domo, but this "Traffic Analytics" piece does not grant access.

We are an enteprise marketing hub user, so there should be no restrictions on this account. Any ideas (besides deleting the connector and trying again, tried that!) anyone could recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Couch


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OAuth 2.0 Domo - Hubspot Analytics Error

Hi @couchhsdev, that looks like part of our business intelligence scope group which includes all access to Reporting/Analytics. Which HubID are you attempting to connect Domo to? And which user email address is attempting this connection? This usually happens if the user who installs the integration doesn't have all the correct permissions, but there could be some other things going on as well.