Non-HubSpot forms are not captured when they are submitted via Ajax.

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Our drupal website has a non-Hubspot form that sends form data with Ajax. Other non-HubSpot forms without Ajax are captured successfully by the HubSpot tracking code but the Ajax one is not. Is there any way to have the HubSpot code detect/capture the AJAX form submission and send the form data to our Hubspot account? Our intention here is not to write custom codes to send form data with Ajax using a POST request, rather to have all the non-HubSpot forms, including ajax and non-ajax ones, auto-captured upon submission by the HubSpot code.


Our website system environment:

  • HubSpot tracking code is integrated into the website with a google tag manager (by drupal GTM module).
  • HubSpot cookie compliance banner is enabled on the website.
  • Powered on Drupal 8. The ajax form is built with drupal webform module with an Ajax option enabled. If I disable the ajax, it works. But when I enable it again, doesn't work.

I looked at this knowledge-base page ( and tried everything I can, but still cannot get it working.


Thank you

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Hi @THirose,


As mentioned here, in your case, point 3 and point 8 seem to be closely related and if that's the case then they won't be tracked without using the custom JS. 





I guess this might help you.


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Thank you for your reply, Himanshu!


I tried point 8 but still not working. I am thinking that Ajax in this case is what the point 3 is saying.


I'd like to know what the custom JS would be to have the HubSpot JavaScript code detect and capture an ajax non-HubSpot form submission.