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Non Admin User unable to get the oauth token ?

Hi there,

   We have the app in marketplace named as Vonage integration suite Dev with Contacts as scope and tried to connect this app using my hubspot non admin account with app marketplace permission . Its throw the below error

Couldn't complete the connection. You don’t have permission to connect this integration.

Request URL:



Hubspot User : sahamaha6798@gmail.com

Super admin User - mahatest23@gmail.com

NOTE : I dont want to make all user to super admin to access this integration app and also it was working fine before 21/04/2021.


Dont know why its not working now.? Can you help me to resolve this. 


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Non Admin User unable to get the oauth token ?


Probably some trial and error on adding crm permissions to the non admin user.  I imagine there is one check missing somewhere in the settings

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