No data from v3 API


Since yesterday around 21 UTC we don't get much data from the v3 API anymore. Is something broken here or is it a problem with us? We get it for all customers we deploy the API for. What would be the best action at this point - revert to v1 or wait for a fix?

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HubSpot Employee

Hey @fredrik_ruben,


Apologise for the delayed in response!


For this case, I'm not aware of any outage in HubSpot Form V3 API on Tues. However if you could share with me the following, it'd be helpful for me to dig into this further:


1. Could you clarify what do you mean by not much data? Are you seeing form submissions coming through but not at the usual volume?


2. What's the portal ID and form ID  in question?


3. The page url where the form is on?