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Nextiva Integration Inbound & Outbound Call Tracking

We currently use Nextiva for VoiP and started with Hubspot because they both said the integrate with each other. I created the API Key for Nextive Go Integrator and when we do outbound calls, they are tracked and populated in Hubspot perfectly. But we need the inbound calls and for some reason there is an issue with them getting tracked, pushed and populated.


Any help is appreciated.

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Community Manager

Nextiva Integration Inbound & Outbound Call Tracking


According to their site there should be some functionality



Does the Nextiva HubSpot integration work on all calls?

Whether you use Click-to-Call or your call history to place outbound calls, take an inbound call directly or from a call center/contact center, the HubSpot CTI will provide some functionality to your CRM system."


I do not know what is meant by some in that quote.  I would suggest contacting them for more information.


@EConnolly , I believe you were exploring this integration.  How has your experience been?



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