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New features for Analytics API

What's happening?

Today, we're launching two new features for the Analytics API: Event analytics and support for analytics views.

The Analytics API now supports pulling data for your analytics events. This would include getting the data for any custom events created using the JavaScript or HTTP Event APIs.

The Analytics API now also supports filtering by your analytics views. Any views you've created in HubSpot can be used as a filter when pulling analytics data.

What's changing?

The existing endpoint to pull analytics data for objects now supports events as an additional object type. There is also a new endpoint that lets you get the metadata for your events.

The existing endpoints also now support an additional query parameter: &filterId=. Include this parameter with the ID of an analytics view to filter the returned data for that view. There is also a new endpoint that lets you get the metadata for views.

When is this happening?

These features are currently live and can be utilized immediately.

Please don't hesitate to post any questions or concerns in the comments below.

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