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New feature: Get the submissions for a HubSpot form

Community Manager

What's happening?

Today, we're releasing a new endpoint for our Forms API that will let you get the details for individual submissions for a HubSpot form. This will include all of the fields included in the submission, as well as the time that the form was submitted and the page that the form was submitted on.

What's changing?

This is a brand new endpoint that is available right now. This endpoint will let you see the submissions for a specific form without needing to parse the form-submissions data that you could previously only get from the Contacts API.

Check out the documentation here!

Please reply to this post with any questions you may have.

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Regular Contributor

This is a very welcome addition to the API! Trying to extract form submissions to a data warehouse has been a real challenge without this. Thanks!

The documentation does not specify what order the results are returned. Is it reverse chronological? Can that be added to the documentation?

HubSpot Moderator

Hey, @Bistream630.

I agree! I'm thrilled to see this endpoint added as well.

I just ran some tests and can confirm the order of results is indeed reverse-chronological. I have just updated the documentation.

Isaac Takushi

HubSpot Developer Support
Occasional Contributor

Thank you for making this api! We have been looking forward for this for quite a while. Thanks for listening!

One thing that could help is a hubspot-conversion-id for the form submission, as well as the contact vid. (We are processing the api to search for new submissions, and having a unique id like the conversion id will help us deduplicate records). The contact vid will also help us avoid an additional lookup by email.

HubSpot Moderator

Thanks for the feedback, @derraballi!

I think returning the conversion-id is a good idea. I'll pass this along. In the meantime, could the millisecond epoch timestamp of submittedAt help you deduplicate?

Regarding returning a contact's vid, I think the reason we don't do that is because the contact creation process occurs after the form submission is processed. @dadams, am I correct in saying that?

Isaac Takushi

HubSpot Developer Support
Occasional Contributor

I am currently hashing the submission to build a unique id, which i think should cover it, but would be good to not have to rely on that.