Need information about Ticket and its activity API


Hi There,

We are developing custome support wep page for our customer to create and update ticket.

I have integarted compnay ,contect and ticket API for  their create/update and get.

I need know following information to develop complete flow:

1]How  can I add further information via my webpage  like if I need to update any thing other the ticket "content" data?

2] How  can I  see reply from Support team in our custom webpage? Is there any webhook or API  ,configuration that I need to subscribe to get continus update on ticket on my web?

3] I can see conversation with customer is via Email so is there any API to get all conversation for a ticket from hubspot?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @sranjan 


Apologies for the delay in getting a response to you - I hope you've managed to resolve your queries but should you still need help, I will address them below:


  1. You'd need to specify what information you're looking to add and where this information would be sent i.e What data are you wanting to add to what object within HubSpot. From there, an endpoint can be recommended.
  2. We do not currently provide a means of creating Ticket Subscriptions for Webhooks. Any updates to tickets would have to be done by querying the ticket itself for updates periodically. 
  3. This would be done by using our Associations Endpoint. This will allow you to get Engagements that have been associated to an Object. In this case, the association would be Engagement to Ticket which uses a definition_Id of 18. 

    When building this request, your request URL would look like the following:
    Once this is submitted, you'll be returned the Ids of the Engagements,  these can then be used with the Engagements API to extract the contents.

I hope this helps!

Product Expert | Customer Support