Need help with getting AB variant via Page API


Hello everyone,

I am getting stuck on obtaining the AB test variant content of the website page. 

The problem is, that my web page is in state of AB testing, so I have MASTER version and particular VARIANT version related to the master. When I call API to obtain the master, everything is correct, however when I try to obtain the variant version, which has different ID than its master, then API returns JSON containing all metadata for the variant, however the content of the page (widgets, descriptions, sections etc.) are of master version. 


Is there any possibility to get AB variant content via HubSpot API, or always when I call Get Page for the variant, I always get master page content ONLY?


The API cal I use is :



I tried to find any API parameter thatcould configure, which content should be returned (master or variant) however it seems there is no such API configuration for this.


Is there any way how to solve it?


Thank you for your answers.


Ondrej K

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Community Manager

@theAndreyK , any chance you have explored this?



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