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NEW Salesmsg SMS HubSpot features just launched!

Hi HubSpot friends,


At Salesmsg we just launched some brand new features to give you some greater ways to add SMS texting to your HubSpot platform.



  1. NEW! Two-way real-time texting from HubSpot Deal records. 
    Send and receive text messages right from HubSpot CRM on Contact and Deal records. 

  2. NEW! See sent and received texts in the sidebar widget. 
    Send and receive text messages right from HubSpot CRM on Contact and Deal records. 

  3. NEW! Auto-assign shared inbox conversations by HubSpot Contact Owner. 
    You can now automatically assign a shared inbox conversation based on the Hubspot Contact Owner

  4. Send SMS & rich-text MMS messages. 
    Send regular text as well as pictures, gifs, emoji's, even vCards to contacts.

  5. Text from a local or with your existing landline number. 
    Text like a human from a real regular number and if you have a landline already, we can text-enable it for you.

  6. Automated activity tracking on the contact & deal record. 
    See the conversation history at anytime right in HubSpot.



  1. NEW! Send texts from Contact & Deal Workflows. 
    Create and send SMS/MMS texts right from your automation Workflows.

  2. NEW! Trigger Workflows when someone calls or texts you. 🔥
    Have people text in a keyword to start a workflow to capture an email and more.

  3. NEW! Mass SMS from Shortcodes from Worflows! 😁
    Easily send mass texts to contacts using the beautiful Salesmsg Shortcode 79000.

  4. NEW! Send MMS texts from Workflows!
    Now you can send pics, gifs, and vCards from your HubSpot Workflows. 🚀

  5. Send texts from the Contact Owner from Workflows. 
    If Mike's the Contact Owner in HubSpot, then we'll send the text from his Salesmsg number in your Workflow. If Mary owns it, we'll send it from her Salesmsg number.

Check out the updated Salesmsg + HubSpot listing here.


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Community Manager

NEW Salesmsg SMS HubSpot features just launched!

Thanks for sharing @chrisbrisson 🙂