Multi-nested topics filters in HubSpot blog? (Or any other solution)


Hi there,

Apologies for posting here. I know this is not the right place for this question but I posted this question in the design forum like a week ago but didn't get any response. Since this forum is more active, I posted it here and I'd really appreciate if anyone can help me out with this.

I'm using HubSpot blog for blog post and resources. Currently, I have a simple topic drop-down filter which shows results based on the selected topic. Would it be possible to create more filters?

This is what I'm trying to create.

It would work something like this

  1. Select any Industry from the drop down (e.g. Sales)
  2. Select Type (e.g. White Paper)
  3. Select any topic (e.g Topic 1)
  4. Click Filter
  5. Now at the bottom, it should display the filtered resources

None of the filters need to be depended on each other.

This is exactly what I want -

Any ideas? Or is it too complicated for HubSpot COS?

Thank You!

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Welcome, @saf_aww! While this type of filtering capability is certainly possible natively with HubDB (example: || tutorial:, I haven't myself done any type of filtering this complex. It's conceivable you'd be able to create some custom fields you could use on each individual blog post, then create an array from those values to loop over, but to be frank, I haven't tested it out to check if it'd work. Otherwise, a custom JS solution would certainly work.

It does look like this topic is similar to what you're looking to do: I'd start there!


Hi @Connor_Barley,

Thank you so much for replying. Since the blogs are also involved with the Resources HubDB method is out of the way. I'll check out the other solution, It looks like we can achieve desired results with it.

Thanks again. You're amazing.

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Dit you get it to work? What solution did you implement can you share this for future reference. Also i'm looking for similar functionality.


thanks in advance