Multi language options for system pages

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I need to create multi-language versions of the following system pages:

  • Email backup unsubscribe
  • Subscription update confirmation
  • 404 error page
  • 500 error page

We are reviewing the viability to can write a javascript to render the text in different languages based on the language setting in the browser. this is very similar to what Hubspot have create in terms of the new multi language subscription preference module.

  1. Is it viable to write this javascript
  2. Is it on the Hubspot project pan to add multi language modules to these pages, and if it is please can you let me know the timing on this.
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Hi @markdelange, we don't have the option to manage multi-language system content at the moment. We know this is certainly a big hurdle, and I'd suggest posting about in in our ideas forum. As we grow to becoming a global brand, there will definitely be a need for this, so I find it certainly reasonable that this would be a feature in the future, but I'm unaware of any roadmap for multi-language system templates at this time.

As per this thread:, it looks like some have gotten around this by creating a language dictionary with HubL. Another option, which a lot of people do is go the JavaScript route as you were looking to do. See this article here: for some of the services we recommend.