Monitor in-out Workflows in a visual way

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Hi all, 


I guess one of the pain point we have with workflows is the ability to See in a simple way how many contacts goes in- completed , meet goals and if we have a secuence of WF if the contacts enroll in the next WF or not. 


Any of you have found a way to do this with an API or maybe there is a third party app?.


thanks in advance! 


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Hi @jpsanchez ! I'm not sure about external softwares, so I'll leave that part of the question open. The most robust data you can get from the APIs is via this endpoint: You could theoretically get a log of all events in a workflow, and determine the success from there. It's more useful on a contact by contact basis due to the way you can filter, but it's also possible to aggregate all stats and do some calculations on your end to get the necessary data. Hope this helps point you in the right direction Smiley Happy