Migrating email threads from Helpscout to Hubspot

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our user case - we want to migrate out existing email threads from Helpscout to Hubspot.
An email thread can have multiple replies/mails like a chain. We want to migrate all those threads and show them in Contact timeline under email section.

We looked into engagement creation API (type- EMAIL), to create an engagment object but there was no API documentation on how to link different email in a thread. Each time we call that API it creates a separate email snippet instead of chaining them as thread.

We tried to tweak that API a little, by passing 'threadId' key in the request payload like this.
This tweak works and we are able to chain different enagagment replies together by passing same threadId key on each engagement creation request.

But the problem with this approach is that, when the number of replied exceeds 3, hubspot automatically duplicates the email thread.

So, my questions are :
1. is the above approach correct. or there is another proper way of doing this?
thanks for the help.

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Hi @nitishSliderule 


I just wanted to let you know that I am looking into this internally and will revert with an update for you as soon as I can!



Matthew Willson

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