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Marketing Email API Questions

Hello Everyone


I'm trying to integrate the Marketing Emails functionality with Campaigns in Salesforce. And, I would like to leverage the Hubspot API's that are in place. But, I'm a little unsure on which API is to be used for the multiple modules I have. So, would appreciate any guidance.


1. Creating a Marketing Email on Hubspot and fetching the ID

2. Adding recepients to the Marketing Email created

3. Fetching the content of the Marketing Email from Hubspot to Salesforce


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Marketing Email API Questions

Hi @vkolla,


Just to clarify, by multiple modules do you mean that you have an email templates with multiple modules in place?


Now, let's go walk through your questions one by one:


1. When looking to create a marketing email on HubSpot using API, you can refer to this endpoint - Create a new marketing email and you can fetch all marketing email IDs by using this endpoint - Get all marketing emails

2. It is currently not possible to add receipients via the Marketing Email APIs. As mentioned by Jack on this thread:


Our Marketing Email APIs only support  Getting, Creating, Updating, Deleting emails at present. If you wish to send emails programmatically we do offer a Single Send API that is part of our Transactional Email API. However in order to use this API you would require the Transactional Email Add-on.

3. While we can get all marketing emails from HubSpot using this endpoint - Get all marketing emails, I was research to see if there's a way to import marketing email into Salesforce and it doesn't seems that this is currently possible.