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We have submitted our app for review a few times and it got unpublished without any feedback from the review team. We mailed every time and fixed the blocks. But even after the feedbacks were fixed, our app is not getting through to the review team. We are not receiving any feedback from the team and we are unable to list our app now. We have required installs for our app but are not sure how the installs are being reviewed by the team. Did someone have a similar issue and got a fix? Please help us in getting through the review process.



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Hi @ES05 ,

when you try to publish the app it gets into the queue and you can see the listing no. from your developer acount that when is your turn to get the app reviewed.After a period of time it will get reviewd if everything goes good it will get published otherwise they will mail you regarding the issues that needs to be adressed in your app before making it live.If they do not give you any feedback then you can send email regarding that to the support.

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You need to have the app installed on 3+ portals that are not associated with you. 

Here is a link where you can review the requirements. 

Good luck!



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