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I am currently trying to implement an API that would work with Companies & Contacts that we have in out HubSpot system.

The idea is to integrate our HubSpot setup into the custom Admin portal via the proxy API service.


The problem that I'm currently facing is that I wasn't able to find any Machine to Machine authentication approach, other than apikey (which is probably not safe enough to be used in production setup).


Would appreciate on any help on the following questions:

1. Is there any way to setup Machine to Machine authentication (we know the set of scopes that we need & and let's assume we only need it for a single account)

2. Any links & inputs that could help to cover the question


Best regards,

Alexandr Milashenko 

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Community Manager

Hello @AMilashenko 

Welcome to the Community!

The two methods of authentication that is offered are API key (as you mentioned, not the safest) and OAuth. 

You would create a developer account in which you would create an app that serves as a middleman creating a secure connection.

Unsure if you have read up on any of this so will add some links here just in case

Create a developer account

Using OAuth with HubSpot

Good luck out there 😀



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