Listening for contact merge events


Hi HS Community!

Looking for a solution in regards to compiling an active/live data store of merged VIDs.

Although the property "hs_calculated_merged_vids" is available to ascertain merged values in a retained contact record, it doesn't appear it can be used as a trigger eg. when property value "hs_calculated_merged_vids" is changed/updated go and do X.

I'd love for this property field to be available for listening but given that it isn't (or doesn't appear to be), does anyone know what other singular "listenable" default HS property field could be used as an alternative?


Wanting to avoid:

  • Listening for all/any updates (too many calls/tasks)
  • Inserting a manual process (eg. update a unique property field) for the sales team post merging a contact record
  • Refreshing / fetching all contacts everytime we need an up-to-date merged VID list

Reason for solution:

  • Collecting an active list of merged VIDs would allow us to exclude these for external reporting and analysis (we flat file all contact data out to an external db store - some of this is static for perpetuity/point-in-time analysis so merged/deleted contact VIDs preferrably need to be excluded)

Welcome any ideas / workarounds / hacks 😀

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Community Manager

Hi @mikgrieve ,

First of all, you get a blue ribbon for a well laid out question!


@malcolm1 , @DanielSanchez , @Mike_Eastwood   dare I challenge you all to provide as pretty an answer as was the question 🙂






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