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List pages drafts via CMS API



Does anybody know if there is a way how to list all pages drafts if exist? Now I do not mean the pages that are in DRAFT state (reachable by filter `STATE__IN=DRAFT``), but pages that can be published but also contain unpublished draft version hidden behind, which can be created by editing published page but the new changes are not published, just saved.


For clarification, here is our use-case:

In our system, we use these CMS API V3 endpoints for getting and updating page draft: 

GET for retrieve page draft
PATCH for update page draft

 The GET returns the page draft if exists, not its published version, the PATCH updates the page draft only again - it does not change the PUBLISHED version. This behavior is desired for our use case and it is correct. 


However in our app we also support listing operation where we require exactly the same behavior - list pages but their draft versions if exist, no matter if the page is published or unpublished.


Currently we do this via 

GET /cms/v3/pages/{landing-pages / site-pages}

however this returns either published versions of the pages or (if state__in filter is specified to draft) it returns unpublished pages. But we need to retrieve also all unpublished (edited but not published) versions of these published pages if exist.


What I mean the unpublished (draft) change on the published page:

1. Create a page and make some content in it

2. Publish the page

3. Make some changes to the content and save it (but do not publish these changes)

 -> these changes we require to retrieve via the list endpoint but the are not.


Is there an way how to do it? 


Thank you for your response,



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

List pages drafts via CMS API

@albertsg do you happen to have an idea on this one?