Lead originates in Salesforce, but I want to give hubpsot true source data


Hi everyone! I have a live chat tool we are using that can only be integrated with one external tool at a time (Hubspot OR Salesforce). Since our sales and customer support teams are in Salesforce, it makes most sense to send a new contact & chat transcript to Salesforce. However, if it’s a new contact, they will get pushed to Hubspot with Source = Offline Sources. If I could capture the context info (hutk & context etc) in the Salesforce data, is there any way to have Hubspot read the hutk and/or true source data?
Going the other direction - if the tool is connected to Hubspot, the lead is captured correctly. However, the chat history is logged as an event and therefore that history is not reported to Salesforce. Any way to get that data reported to Salesforce?

Live Chat is a great lead generation tool and I want to easily see the source of our leads.

Thanks for your help and recommendations!
P.S. Great new site.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey Charles,

What live chat integration are you using? The Salesforce integration team at HubSpot is planning to add support for integration timeline events to sync to Salesforce, which should clear this up for you. It should be in the relatively near future, but I don’t have a firm timeline yet.

I don’t think there is a good way to sync utk/context from Salesforce -> HubSpot, but I’ll ask around and see if anyone internally knows a workaround for this.

Thanks, and glad you like the site!


Hi Dillon,
Thanks for your reply. We’re using SnapEngage. Syncing timeline events to Salesforce would absolutely solve this problem. SnapEngage previously had a simple integration where they sent a form submission via the hubspot API. Now, they are logging a timeline event which means the data doesn’t flow to SF. I was trying to see what I could trigger via a workflow to send something into SF, but haven’t found anything that is a good fit. Hence I’m exploring integration options and tradeoffs.