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I am a Laravel developer. I'm having a little problem creating and sending the newly created email to an email address entered from form. I created Private App.

I see

"You can only edit this email from a Professional or Enterprise account."

When my new email is created.


Please help me. Thank you.!


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Community Manager

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Hey, @LTrinh 👋 Welcome to our community! I have a few questions and a suggestion to help you be a more effective member of the community.


Suggestion — When posting, please make sure to include:

  • the specific endpoint you are using
  • an example request, JSON body (if used), and the response. Also, an error messages (if returned)
  • a link to the endpoint page you are working with

This allows the community to give you a targeted next step or solution.


To your issue:

  • The endpoint, Update a marketing email, for example, requires the `content` scope.
  • This scope, `content`, requires a subscription of CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise, or Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise
  • This is why you are getting the error

Additionally, the Marketing Email API endpoints do not include the option to send Marketing emails programmatically. You can create/update them via our endpoints, but not send them. There is a Transactional Email API, but that is a paid add-on and not what you are describing, I believe. 


Please let us know if you have any additional questions.





Jaycee Lewis

Developer Community Manager

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