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Kobo app integration - upload photos to hub

Does anyone have knowledge on how to upload photos to hubspot via Kobo Toobox (Kobo Collect) ? Is it possible to upload photos to hubspot via third party. (File upload field, which is a text field and the URL obviously created by Hubspot on normal Hubspot Form submissions)
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Kobo app integration - upload photos to hub

Certainly! If you're seeking to upload photos to HubSpot via the Kobo Toolbox (specifically Kobo Collect), it's essential to consider the limitations of third-party integrations. Typically, HubSpot forms have a file upload field, which is essentially a text field storing the URL generated by HubSpot for regular form submissions. However, Kobo Toolbox might not directly support this functionality. It's advisable to explore alternative solutions, potentially involving a middleware tool like Integromat, which could facilitate the transfer of photo data from Kobo Toolbox to HubSpot. You can find more information and assistance on developing such integrations by visiting the Integromat developer link: Integromat Developer Link.