Kartra API integration with Hubspot

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Hi all,

Currently we are usiong both kartra and hubspot. We are assigning a lead score to our leads within kartra; however, this score is not able to be downloaded to the csv. Is there a way to set an API betweeen the two? I see in the facebook group that some are saying they have done it.  Currently I am not seeing anything kartra related within the hupspot community. Can anyone help with this?




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Hey @DSU , I did a quick search on available integrations between Kartra and HubSpot and it doesn't seem like there's any out there right now. 


If you are looking to sync the lead score of the leads from Kartra to HubSpot, I'm only able to advise on what can be done on HubSpot's side. You can make use of our update contact endpoint to update your contacts in HubSpot. 


Another thing to note is, HubSpot contacts has a default contact property called HubSpot Score, it is a read only property so you cannot update it. But you can create a custom property and sync the lead score to that custom property instead.