Issues with my Wordpress Elementor Forms and data collecting in hubspot


Hey guys!

I use Hubspot and Elementor + Elementor Pro for managing the contacts.

We have 3 forms that needs to save the contacts into hubspot. One is a regular form embedded in the page, two are popups for newsletter.

Whenever we fill our contact form, the previous contact will be updated and then has all of the previous emails and contact details stored in there (Hubspot overwrites those). That might be happening because of cookies, but those forms have unique e-Mail addresses and still overwrites the last contact.

Problem 2:
For all popup newsletter we face the problem that they work in the "preview state". The data is collected and send to hubspot, but whenever we use them on live pages, nothing is being sent to hubspot


All forms work well within Elementor and I get an email notification for a new filled form. So thy definitly work.


Thanks guys!

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All forms overwrite each other as well.

Is anyon an expert with hubspot and elementor and can fix those problems?

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HubSpot Employee

Hey @raschep,


It seems that you're currently using a non-HubSpot form and the reason why you're seeing contact getting overwritten is likely due to the browser cookies.


This can be further explained by my colleague sttang on this forum thread:



At the moment, we do not currently have any way to block non-HubSpot forms from tracking cookies. The tool is intended to be a simple lead capture tool for websites and shouldn't typically have this issue if contacts were submitting the forms from different browsers.

That said, if you do not want the overwriting of information to happen because you wish to have multiple users submit the form in the same browser, I would advise that you have your Developer use our Forms API  instead as this would give you full control over what information is captured and sent to HubSpot along with what cookies are being sent. With the forms API, you can send form submissions to HubSpot without cookies.

Hope this helps to shed some lights!


Hi @raschep ,


have you solved your issue with the Popup forms. I have the same issue.




Yes, by stop using hubspot.. There is no way that it is working, too many issues with hubspot and elementor forms. Tried go get help from experts, but even they couldnt fix it.


I used Mailchimp for fetching all forms and it works perfectly