Issues with deal creation API


Hi im trying to automate the deals creation whenever a user fills the quote form on my ecommerce.
Im using the api at
To be more presice my testing POST api call body is:

    "amount": "1500.00",
    "closedate": "2021-12-07T16:50:06.678Z",
    "dealname": "api_work_deal",
    "dealstage": "appointmentscheduled",
    "hubspot_owner_id": "*my owner id*",
    "pipeline": "default"

When I send this http request I recieve a 201 in post man, but on my api key page it shows a 200. I dont get an error however the deal does not appear in the pipeline.

My guess is that im missing a property on my request or that some is not named properly. All other api call work, such as to GET all the current deals and even using another POST to create pipelines work aswell, its really just the deal creation dont dosen't seem to be working

Thank you
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Community Manager

hi @martinspasov ,

The code you provided appears to be incomplete.  

I tested on my portal with this code and successfully created a deal


  "properties": {
     "amount": "1500.00",
    "closedate": "2021-12-07T16:50:06.678Z",
    "dealname": "api_work_deal",
    "dealstage": "appointmentscheduled",
    "hubspot_owner_id": "48843399",
    "pipeline": "default"

Wanted to confirm that you are wrapping all of those properties in the properties object





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