Is this possible? Get specific associations then update them

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So I have this scenario:


SaaS client has a Parent - Child architecture between some of the companies in their Hubspot portal. Basically the Parent companies are partners who manage Child companies. In their business, it happens that companies move to another partner company that's also in this client's portal. So a Child Company moves to another Parent Company.


When this happens, the client wants any sales activities that are logged to the Parent Company, about the Child Company, to be able to be moved to the new Parent Company in bulk/automatically. 


I did some playing, and seems like a prerequisite for that would be that each activity has been associated with the Child Company as well as the Parent Company. If the log was done on the Parent Company record, this is a manual action as by default it will only be associated with the Parent Company and any selected contacts.


But assuming that's something they can work into their process, it would also be a manual process to update the association of any past communication to the new Parent company. That's something I'd like to expedite.


Had a look at the Associations API, and I was wondering if I could create a 'button' of sorts on the Child company record (maybe through an app) that does the following:

  • GETs all Engagements associated to the record and a user defined Company record (the initial Parent Company)
  • Then for each of those Engagements, update the AssociationTo that was previously the initial Parent Company to be a new user defined company record (the new Parent Company)

Does that make sense at all? I'm not a developer myself, only have a passing knowledge of these things, but curious if it'd be worth looking into.

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I think you may be able to create a custom crm card for this. 

@himanshurauthan , what do you think about this situation?



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