Is my IP address causing a very slow API response?


When I run a python script to collect Deals data through the HubSpot API it is consistently taking 8 minutes and 48 seconds to get a responses from a request that iterates over 5 pages. This happens when I run the script through VS Code and from Windows command prompt.


If I paste the request url in to a browser the response is instant. One of our developers tested my script on VS Code and it took him 4 seconds. I tried the script through Google Collab and it took 4 seconds. Lastly, I turned off my (very good) wifi and connected via a mobile data hotspot and the response was 4 seconds. Which is why I am suspecting something at the API end doesn't like my IP address?


I am well within all the api limits and I can't see anything in your documentation that would suggest why my response times appear to be getting throttled. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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