Is it possible to query log events for multiple workflows?

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Hi everyone ,

We are currently using the following workflow API call to retrieve the email history on a contact , however as you can see it is limited to one workflow at a time since we need to pass the workflow id as a parameter

PUT /automation/v3/logevents/workflows/:workflowId/filter

I was wondering if there is way that we can query multiple workflows at the same time as we currently have more than workflow firing emails to the contact , I tried passing * as the workflow id with no luck

Any help is appreciated

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Hi @Jam.shakib

Workflow logs can only be pulled for a single workflow at a time, either when looking at a specific contact or by some other filter.

If you’re specifically looking for the email history of a contact, you can use the Email Events API to get the history of a record by the email address using the recipient= parameter:

Get email events | Email Events API

GET /email/public/v1/events