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I am looking to start managing our advertising through Hubspot on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. I need to understand if Hubspot integrates to a fitness app called MindBody. If so, what information from the advertising does the integration do? and if it is a custom integration or just an add-on through app marketplace. Can you explain if I had a starter account, how I would be able to add the integration?


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Hey, @MarketFitness 👋 Here's the available Data Sync integration — Mindbody. For Marketplace apps and integrations, if a feature isn't listed, it is not available as part of the sync options. Looking at product desorption and the available sync options, there is noting advertising related. All the data that is synced is related to Contacts/Clients. 


You can exactly what is available to sync by clicking the dropdown menus in the Shared Data section. 

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To view features available for this data sync, you'll click the Compare features by HubSpot plan button to see how the Hubs and tiers work with this tool. If you are asking about Operations Hub starter specifically, you can see that info here as well.

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To install, you just need to visit the listing page — Mindbody Data Sync while logged into your portal and click Install

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