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I wanted to integrate Hubspot with Humanitix in a similar way as what Hubspot is able to integrate with Eventbrite so I plan to write my own code for the integration using Ruby on Rails.


Like Eventbrite, I wanted to be able to create lists filtered by events attended/registered.

The part I am trying to understand is how is what API calls to make or how to ensure Hubspot is able to create lists of filtered by events attended based on the registration property if the event registered is being overwritten every time the contact attends a new event. Does it automatically do so by accessing the historical data? Any help is much appreciated.

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Community Manager

Hello @jalenong1 !

Excited to see what you end up building here.  Please keep us in the loop!

There are probably a ton of ways you could approach this.  I might look at the Workflows API


We have some amazing folks in the community who would A: be interested in hearing more about your work and B:  would probably be able to add some advice/ suggestions

@thesnappingdog , @Kevin-C , @Jsum , hi, it's me again.  What do you think about this question?


Good luck!




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